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Renee's Magical Belly Dancing

Elegant and Artistic Style
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Specialising In:

HENS' NIGHTS or PARTY - Suitable for family fun party or just for adults. The party is transformed into a fun and enjoyable celebrations for the Hen and her guests for one hour. An opportunity to get dressed up. Renee will put on a show. Then teach simple belly dance movements so that everyone can participate and have lots of fun learning. Suitable for all ages.

PRIVATE BIRTHDAY PARTY - at a private Home, Restaurant or Club. CORPORATE  FUNCTIONS - The entertainment is tailor to your requirement on request. Suitable for all genders.

WORKSHOPS - For ladies only or mixed genders. Suitable for all ages. An introduction in learning the art and skills of belly dancing. Get educated while having fun with Renee's happy personality and charming teaching style.

Classes for Intermediate to advanced students at Renee's Gosford Studio.

Quality DVDs for those who wish to learn from home.


Allow Renee to bring Magic to your event or party

Improve your technique and become a more graceful dancer


DVDs for Beginners

Learn with Master Teacher Renee
Easy to follow, step by step instructions
Exercise with gentle aerobic movement
Burn Calories, Trim & Tone
Lose Weight while learning a wonderful feminine dance

Belly Dance DVD Volume 1

Pic Belly Dance DVD Volume 1 Cover VOLUME 1 - DVD for novice beginners of all ages. Step by Step, Easy to Follow Instructions. Extra practice sessions.
Some of the Belly Dance Techniques Taught: Figure eights. - Hip Circles & Drops - Side Hips - 3/4 time - Shimmies - Shoulder Rolls - And so much more.

Belly Dance DVD Volume 2

Pic Belly Dance DVD Volume 2 Cover VOLUME 2 - continues easy learning for the beginner. Learn at home or practice to if attending classes.
Some of the Belly Dance Techniques Taught: Undulation - Hip Twist - Steps & Turns - Spinning - Snake Arms - Veil Dancing - Choreographies.

Belly Dance DVD Volume 3

Pic Belly Dance DVD Volume 3 Cover VOLUME 3 - continues on and concentrates on the upper body. Isolating Rib Lifts - Rib Slides - Rib Circles - Toe Taps - Alternating from Ribs to Hips - Camel Walk - Serpentine arms.
Hear & Feel The Music part 1-Choreographed belly dances.

Belly Dance DVD Volume 4

Pic Belly Dance DVD Volume 4 Cover VOLUME 4 - at a Faster Pace. Combining single, double, 3/4 & full time shimmies, alternating with most techniques learned in Vol. 1-2 & 3, with arms & hands. Also - Snaking the Body, Hip Points Introduction to Stick Dancing.
Hear & Feel the Music part 2.

Belly Dance DVD Volume 4 part 2

Pic Belly Dance DVD Volume 4 part2 Cover VOLUME 4 part2 - Continue Learning. Becoming more Elegant & Artistic. Many New Belly Dance Techniques including - Upper & Lower Undulations.-Arms & Hands. Perfecting Back Leans.-Full 360 degrees Body Dip.-Vertical eights-'Maya' & 'Sway'. And lots more. 2 Beautiful Dances.
Hear and Feel the Music part 3

Belly Dance DVD "Veilled Cleopatra"

Pic Belly Dance DVD Volume 5 Cover Veiled Cleopatra. This DVD has many dances that you can learn with all the Techniques learned so far including Veil Dancing. From easy to more complex beginners dances. Good clear music. Something for everyone. Suitable for all ages.


DVDs for Intermediates and Advanced Students

Amera’s Oriental Drum Solos

Pic Oriental Drum Workshop DVD Cover Fantastic Workshops with Master Teacher Amera Eid (from Amera's Palace, Sydney) for Intermediate to Advanced students, teachers and professional dancer. There are 6 Oriental Dance Drum solos. One dance has small break down segments. Others have back, front and side view, making it a pleasure to dance and practice with Amera close up or in full shot. Lots of shimmies and layering's from hips to ribs.



Belly Dance DVD Prices

PAL format DVDs are suitable for Australia, NZ, UK and Europe
and NTSC format DVDs are suitable for USA and Canada

DVD Specials

Item Price
Belly Dance DVD Volumes 1 & 2 $ 55
Any two Belly Dance DVDs $ 55
Belly Dance DVD Volumes 1, 2, 3 ,4 + Free Car Sticker $ 100
Any Six Belly Dance DVD Volumes + Free Car Sticker $ 135

Single DVDS

Belly Dance DVD Volume 1 $ 28
Belly Dance DVD Volume 2 $ 28
Belly Dance DVD Volume 3 $ 28
Belly Dance DVD Volume 4 $ 28
Belly Dance DVD Volume 4 part2 $ 28
Belly Dance DVD Volume 5 “Veiled Cleopatra” $ 28
Amera’s Oriental Dance Drum Solos $ 28
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